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Our Story

Is it synchronicity or is the shared and expressed world of pop culture that brought me to remake jeans using collage artwork that was already reimagining common objects? Upon finishing my first line, I was reading the Editor’s Letter in W’s April 2014, discussing the current exhibitions of both German Dada artist Hannah Hoch, whose work was referred to as photomontage, which we’ve come to know as collage, as well as, British Pop artist Richard Hamilton. In a constant quest for what is new, sometimes we find it in reimagined items of old. 

For this collection of FIGI Jeans, I viewed the collage works of American artist, John Rossi.  His works are made up of found objects; scraps of paper, cloth, and parts of clothing focusing on the objects evolutions through time. John’s added dimensions with painting, printing and pressing, create this reimagined piece of something new from past creations. FIGI Jeans is taking something old, in our loved jeans, and creating something refreshed in expressive art pieces to be worn lovingly. 

Diane Carleton
Creative Director